Holistic Solutions for Insomnia

Are you one of those people who can rarely get a decent night’s sleep? Do you then feel washed out and experience brain fog the following day?

Insomnia is defined as either difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, early waking or waking tired in the morning. When these symptoms occur at least 3–4 times per week and persist for at least one month, people will often notice some type of daytime impairment.

Current statistics reveal that one in three people suffer from some type of insomnia during their lifetime. About 50% of Americans suffer from sleeplessness due to anxiety and/or stress. Older Americans have an increased rate of insomnia, especially, if they suffer from co-existing chronic illnesses. Women suffer from sleep problems twice as often than men; this is aggravated at the onset or after menopause. Approximately 10 million Americans take prescription sleeping medications. 35% of folks with insomnia have a family history of it.

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