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Transforming Symptoms of the Lower 4 Chakras

Saturday Zoom, 11/18/23, 10 am - 3 pm ET

Symptoms as metaphors can be transformed by mind-body-spirit self-healing techniques including meditation, expressive writing, EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), hypnosis and dreamwork. Addressing fear, anger, shame and grief in the lower four chakras/energy centers allows for transformation to occur. Somatic metaphors can be the key to healing autoimmune diseases, chronic pain syndromes, obesity and diabetes, and lung and sinus diseases.

In this 4-hour Zoom live interactive course we will devote an hour to each of the lower 4 chakras applying all 5 mind-body-spirit self-healing techniques to the corresponding emotional shadow issues. There will be a 1-hour meal break with brief qi gong exercises afterwards. Video and audio recordings will be posted on the course website.

What you'll get:

  • Introduction to meditation, expressive writing, EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), hypnosis and dreamwork.

  • Understand how your physical symptoms are related to emotional shadow issues.

  • Learn about the characteristics of the lower 4 chakras.

  • Video recordings of all 4 sessions will be posted on the course website with downloadable audio recordings.

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What People Are Saying:

In this course, Transforming the Lower 4 Chakras, Larry presents simple, yet effective practices for tuning into the lower 4 chakras. I had little experience or knowledge going into this course, but was able to glean much usefulness and insight from the material. All of it will be useful as I continue to work on these on my own going forward. There was lively discussion and ample opportunity for questions during the class. I was able to gain insight from the things that other participants shared. One highlight for me was gaining insight into the powerful connection between the chakras and lived experience, health, behaviors, etc. I highly recommend this course.

J. C.

Although I am familiar with the chakra system, I found Dr. Larry Burk’s workshop on the Lower Four Chakras to be revelatory as to how EFT can help resolve chakra issues. When we worked on the heart chakra I had a transformative experience by processing some early life grief in a totally new way.

C. R.

Thank you so much, Larry, for such an awesome and inspiring workshop. Loved it! You're a master teacher, with a special talent! ....and such an amazing, cohesive group with great energy - even via zoom.

S. T.

Lung Disease: The seminar you gave transformed my life. I had been plagued with “reactive airway disease” and “chronic bronchitis” since I moved here 2 years ago. My pulmonologist husband and my pulmonologist were scratching this heads and throwing yet another inhaler at me. The REVELATION of grief localizing in the lungs and sinuses was truly an epiphany for me! WOW, there was my answer! The tapping cleared it almost immediately, and I have remained clear since then. I felt the congestion coming back when I allowed myself to wallow in grief on mother’s day. I found myself starting to cough and to become short of breath. At that point I realized what I was doing to myself and immediately began the tapping and consciously willed myself out of the funk. It worked like magic once again. I cannot thank you enough for giving me this tool to heal myself.

L. M.

Healing Options: Larry Burk’s teachings are transformational. He has a unique way of translating his medical background, spiritual learnings, client work and life experience in a relatable and transformative way for the benefit of participants and clients. He brings a scientist’s mind, a servant's spirit, an innate curiosity and empathic understanding of the power of life stories. He uses his unique lens to present healing options for our higher good. I highly recommend his courses and believe you will benefit from time with this teacher.

K. S.

Tapping and Dreams: I attended Dr Burk’s tapping retreat with my two daughters last summer. All three of us had many wonderful awakenings both spiritually and emotionally learning Dr Burk’s tapping techniques. We learned how to “tap” into the meaning of our dreams and how to use tapping to work through our fears and past traumas. I have tapped for some time but Dr Burk has been a wonderful resource to help me with EFT technique and methods to work through negative emotions. My daughters and I all enjoyed and got so much healing from this conference! We also were able to tap together on negative personal events we’ve encountered together. Tapping is by far the most effective, fast, drug free resource for releasing stuck negative emotions! I use it regularly and Dr Burk is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend his conference and especially as a family or with friends.

D. P.