Choose from a variety of mind-body skills and learn how to combine them for optimum success.

There are a large number of mind-body-spirit techniques, and many of them are evidence-based approaches. For the six methods described here, a logical sequence of application is suggested. It is a good idea to begin with a body-centered process such as yoga, tai chi or qi gong.

Qi Gong:  Simple Chinese movement and breathing exercises can be used to promote the flow qi through the meridians. The Five Animal Frolics are based on Chinese five element theory which is based on the natural cycles of nature. Each of the elements is associated with a corresponding animal. The gentle movements cultivate internal balance and can be used to restore health and well-being. Qi gong can still the mind in preparation for meditation.

Meditation: There are many forms of meditation from concentrating on a mantra like Transcendental Meditation to cultivating awareness of the breath in mindfulness. Most of the approaches offer benefits of stress reduction when practiced regularly.  The physiological changes associated with meditation contribute to decreasing stress hormones. Quieting the mind often allows disturbing thoughts and emotions to arise into conscious awareness to be released through expressive writing.

Expressive Writing: Spending time journaling has documented health benefits especially if the focus is on emotionally upsetting experiences. There are structured ways of writing to heal that boost the immune system. Once the feelings have been expressed on paper the words can be used as target phrases for EFT tapping.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping: Upsetting emotional events are like malware programs that get downloaded into the acupuncture meridians and uploaded into the memory system in the brain. In each memory file there is a picture, story and program which will run when triggered taking the body back to the scene of the original emotional event. With EFT the file is intentionally activated by saying a target phrase while tapping on acupuncture points like hitting delete keys on a computer and uninstalling the malware programs.

Self-Hypnosis: Once the emotional malware programs have been uninstalled with EFT self-hypnosis can be used to install new mind-body programs with beneficial effects. Visualization and imagery can be combined with color breathing techniques and therapeutic shaking to reset the body’s energy system. These approaches can assist in accessing positive memories, reframing past emotional events and shifting the focus to future achievable goals for healing.

Dreamwork: There are many books about symbols in dreams which offer possible interpretations, but the ultimate meaning is always up to the dreamer. Health-related dreams may take the form of scary nightmares which force us to pay attention to subtle messages from the body that we may have been ignoring. Keeping a dream diary can provide useful guidance regarding illnesses, career, relationship and financial issues.



Video of Basic EFT Tapping

For more detailed description see www.larryburk.com.


3 Testimonials

"I very quickly regained full range of motion of my shoulder. I donโ€™t recall the actual time span but it was only weeks. Compared to the 18 months of physical therapy, injected steroids, oral steroids, and NSAIDs that I had endured, it was a miracle! I have had no other problems with that shoulder."

Durham, NC

"Iโ€™m writing to thank you again for encouraging me to give the integrative practices time to work! Iโ€™m so much better. I did not have the sinus surgery. I saw my pulmonologist for a checkup yesterday, and he was stunned! He was very excited and wanted more information so that he possibly can help other patients with similar issues to mine. He also happens to be a friend of the original ENT who was going to do the surgery, and plans to let him know about my outcome and kid him about surgery not always being the thing to do! Anyway, I just want to thank you for our tapping sessions, and your encouragement to me to listen to what was happening and trust and be patient. I am using the tapping sequence we used with a number of my clients, all to great result. Thanks for the fine work you do, and for being a trail breaker in our current medical mindset!"

Greensboro, NC

"I had frustrating and depressing interstitial cystitis consisting of very many autoimmune bladder flareups every day for 4 years prior to my Skype coaching session with Larry. I have been so blessed to work with him as he has helped me to integrate and heal on many different levels. He provides an open, safe space where I can say *anything* and I'm met with compassion and non-judgement. Working at this level of truth and release in conjunction with the way he weaves his EFT processes with dream work has allowed me to move more deeply and at light speed through my healing. Our work together has led to profound shifts in every area of my life; work, finances, love, relationships & health. My bladder has vastly improved. I don't even remember when I've had a flare up in recent months. The frequency has drifted away. It's so bizarre because I realize, oh yeah, it's not even been an issue??!! So grateful to have connected with this earth angel! Thank you, Larry!!!"

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