Learn to achieve a wealth attitude using a variety of mind-body-spirit approaches and learn valuable investment skills.

Most people receive very little financial education during their formal schooling to prepare them for managing money in the real world. Money is known to be one of the biggest stressors in committed relationships and few of us have the ability to negotiate those challenges. Our behaviors and beliefs regarding scarcity and abundance are often based on past personal experiences and are influenced by the attitudes of our parents. Basic financial skills that they may have lacked can be acquired to achieve a level of practical mastery for success and abundance.

The retirement savings for the average 60-year-old in the United States are largely insufficient. You can easily find these numbers with a quick online search.

What if you could change your perspective on scarcity vs abundance — embrace feelings and symptoms as sacred messages from the body, while educating yourself with tangible methods on how to grow your investments without experiencing fear, panic, and anxiety during the inevitable downturn? Most financial advisors advocate the buy and hold technique which has mostly worked well for the past 100 years if you have a long time horizon. However, if you were an investor between 2000 and 2015 when the market had two 50% corrections you really didn't have much gain other than dividends. And perhaps as the market neared the bottom you were so upset and fearful that you just couldn’t stand it anymore. You panicked and sold your assets, only to see the market reverse and go back up without you. Of course, at that point you experienced extreme regret and beat yourself up while at the same time you were paralyzed to jump back in.

In 2008, I did exactly that and sold some of my assets at the bottom and was paralyzed to get back into the market in 2009 when the big rally started! I did that because I didn’t know any better and I hadn't yet learned the right skills to maintain a proper mindset and manage my emotions.

However, around that time I started to study with an experienced teacher who taught skills that I still use today and have refined further.

Upcoming classes are two-fold: First, we will focus on experiential exercises to help you flesh out potential limiting beliefs and move you forward in creating abundance in your life. Second, we will teach tangible skills about money management, portfolio management and put insurance strategies.


3 Testimonials

"I am a beginner investor with low risk tolerance. When I was planning to go out of the country on a weeklong trip in December 2018, I was worried that my stock market holdings might plummet during a looming economic downturn. It was suggested by Dagmar Ehling that I buy put options to insure my portfolio before leaving based on her assessment of the financial charts that month. I was able to go on vacation without worrying, and as she anticipated the market plunged the next week and the put options became very valuable. I was able to sell them upon returning and made $1000s which more than offset the temporary drop in my portfolio. I am going to use her approach again in the future. "

Durham, NC

"I have never seen anyone pursue ongoing education like Dagmar Ehling. Both in her medical practice and in her financial education, she is a tireless learner. Her financial acumen has matured over the last few decades and her connections with other like-minded colleagues have accelerated her growth in this area. I'm happy Dagmar is beginning to present some of her knowledge publicly. Whatever you learn, at whatever level, will be of benefit."

Durham, NC

"I am happy to share Dagmar's leading role in creating a meaningful shift in my rational and emotional approach to the concept of investing. With her guidance, I have gained a newfound momentum in considering personal finance, saving and investing decisions from a more sustainable and growth perspective. Dagmar has challenged me to think critically about my long-term goals in life, among them the financial objectives, and to consider what can be done today, next week and next month to achieve these goals. Furthermore, she helped me understand the difference between income and wealth; the idea of passive income and what it takes to generate that. We regularly speak of global developments and what they could mean for inflation, the price of precious metals, pension security and tax incentives - in the long term. I wholeheartedly recommend you study with Dagmar and to allow yourself to learn and experience a different and refreshing approach to investing generally, and how you can make it work for you, specifically."

Lindenberg, Germany


Any and all content taught in our online classes is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered professional advice (psychological, financial or otherwise). All statements and expressions are the opinion of Abundant Health & Wealth. or its representative and are not meant to be a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. We are not licensed or registered in the securities industry. Use the information presented in these classes at your own risk. The information presented in our classes and website has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. Estimates, assumptions and other forward-looking techniques are subject to the limits of forecasting. Actual future developments may differ materially due to many factors. 


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