1. What is 5G and Why Should You Care?

Debra Greene, PhD, Energy Health Specialist / Mind-Body Integration



2. Why isn't Our Government Protecting Us from 5G?

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, Holistic Radiologist / Coach


3. How can You Decrease 5G From Your Wiring?

Andrew McAfee, MM, EMF Consultant / Wiring Expert



4. How to Balance Your Body with Nutrition Against 5G

Dagmar Ehling, MAc, LAc, DOM(NM), Acupuncturist / Functional Medicine Coach


  • Are you worried about 5G and your health?

  • Is your cell phone hurting you?

  • What about your computer?

  • Are you electro-sensitive?

  • Does shielding work?

  • How can you protect your health?


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    Staying Healthy in a 5G World 

    Heal Your Home, Heal your Body


Learn how to safety proof your cellphone and create an EMF safer workspace

Identify the risks of wireless and microwave radiation and associated symptoms

Recognize potential house wiring problems and implement shielding materials

Find your body's weak spots and apply functional medicine to improve your health

Staying Healthy in a 5G World

Heal Your Home, Heal your Body